Riven Rings


Riven Rings is both a manufacturer and re-seller of novelty based rings. Our selection has varied over the years from steampunkish, to futuristic with a classic look.

Based in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Our machined jewelry is created from certified metals purchased and inspected directly from North America.


Over the years our designs and models have changed, but we continue to ship only top quality items. We do NOT import from overseas.


Public Notice for 2018


As of Feb 2018, Riven Rings has halted sales to the general public. With increasing competition from over-seas of cheaper and lower quality knock-offs, we have had to decide whether we would follow suit, or hold fast on our goal to continue with upper quality products.


We have decided to not lower our tolerance of quality, so have been forced to shut down our sales to the public at this time. Orders to past wholesalers can still be carried out, and we will re-open our storefront to the public at a later time.